There are lots of exciting things happening around the world and right next door that are worth hearing about. A selection of projects that came about both in cooperation with outside organizations and on our own initiative.

We’re Almost Enough For Ourselves

« We’re Almost Enough for Ourselves » is an attempt to document the settlement of the Kuonimatt neighborhood in Kriens. A swamp 50 years ago, today it is home to the biggest shopping center in Switzerland. The film was shown at the Bellpark Museum in Kriens in 2006.
Original: 24 min

Drahtesel Introduces Itself

« Drahtesel Introduces Itself » is a report on the day-to-day business of this employment integration project in Berne, where the unemployed do and create the most fantastic things with bicycles: Jewelry, recycling, shelving, job applications, third-world development aid.
Original length: 20 min

Silence Moves In

« Silence Moves In ». The Weststrasse before and after the implementation of traffic-calming measures, for the Zurich Public Works Service.


« Archimob – Historical Witness to the 33-45 Generation » with Thomas Schärer

Dying Trades

« Dying Trades » with Pierrine, Thomas Schärer for the Swiss Ethnographic Society.

Forêts en feu de Cosima Danorizer