News Reporting

Camerawork for TV Stations is one of Ronis Backgrounds. Having worked for Arte, ZDF, ARD, SRF, NGTV, ABC, Al Arabiya and local Swiss TV stations, his work extended the last years more and more as well into filmmaking.

Video is Emotion

A behind-the-curtains glimpse or insight into the philosophy of an event creates a feeling of goodwill and reveals a world to visitors, sponsors, and other interested parties that would fall flat with brochures and phone calls.

Authenticity, Credibility

My specialty is allowing participants to tell the story. Everything is based on communications from one person to another, dissipating any fears there might be toward the film team. I feel this allows a greater authenticity, which brings a credibility to the project that is unsurpassed.

I have a wide range of experience with people from CEOs to children. The only stipulation is that the participants believe in their project. Whether in German, French, English, Italian, or Czech.

Video is emotion. In presenting your project, you will shine.

Realized projects

PapperlaPeP, Bodytalk, Commune en Santé, Pédibus, Behind the Scenes of the GrandCasino Kursaal Berne, Foster Wheeler. Science and the City Foundation. 42 reports on special prize-winners in the jubilee year for the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks. 26 reports on winners of Concondia 100 year and Conciworld for Quade&Zurfluh