Roni Ulmann – Cameraman

Freelance cameraman

Je travaille comme freelance cameraman depuis 1996. J’ai bien tourné pour de nombreux stations de télévision, pour des agences de publicité, des documentaires independants bien que des productions de long métrages.

Je tourne avec mon Sony A7SII, Sony FS5, FS7. J’ai une bonne routine avec mon system de stabilisation (gimbal), mais je travaille aussi avec des Canon C300, Arri Alexa, et pour l’application théatre avec mes 4 Canons, XF100/400.

Lighting and direction

As a cameraman, I am trained to set light (my equipment includes several Aladdin LEDs, KinoFlo, HMIs up to 1200W). I have experience to as well direct whilst filming, for smaller projects.


Doing camerawork I have seen many worlds. From street-surveys to high standard image films, from opera on wheels to documentary in Favelas. Not to forget the 40 Hygenia-Films for Peter Scheiner. My clients say I’m fast and innovative.


I collaborate with producers and directors of advertising, motion picture, and documentary films and work creatively and dynamically to achieve the desired imagery. As cameraman, I dispose of a networt of freelancer friends who can jump in if necessary, be it for lighting, sound, graphics.