There are lots of exciting things happening around the world and right next door that are worth hearing about. A selection of projects that came about both in cooperation with outside organizations and on our own initiative.

We’re Almost Enough For Ourselves

“We’re Almost Enough for Ourselves” is an attempt to document the settlement of the Kuonimatt neighborhood in Kriens. A swamp 50 years ago, today it is home to the biggest shopping center in Switzerland. The film was shown at the Bellpark Museum in Kriens in 2006.
Original: 24 min

Drahtesel Introduces Itself

“Drahtesel Introduces Itself” is a report on the day-to-day business of this employment integration project in Berne, where the unemployed do and create the most fantastic things with bicycles: Jewelry, recycling, shelving, job applications, third-world development aid.
Original length: 20 min

Jeff Goldsmith the coach 2019 – by Patrick Wesowsky . 2nd cam and droning

Napoléon – secrets d’histoire 2019 – by Olivier Trives

Making a change 2018 – by Oliver Paulus

Silence Moves In

“Silence Moves In”. The Weststrasse before and after the implementation of traffic-calming measures, for the Zurich Public Works Service.


“Archimob – Historical Witness to the 33-45 Generation” with Thomas Schärer

Dying Trades

“Dying Trades” with Pierrine, Thomas Schärer for the Swiss Anthropologic Society.


Massnahmen in der Diskussion. Von Reto Brennwald. Kameramensch als einer von 5 unter der Aegide von Mike Wyniger

One Planet one Future

by Anne de Carbuccia, Swiss part, together with Luigi Montebello